The INTJ Girlfriend: A Guide on Understanding Her


What are the important things you should know about your INTJ girlfriend?

Do you know that the INTJ female is the rarest personality type in the world? Sometimes they act in a way not a lot of people understand. The INTJ female is usually classified as unromantic and, in some cases, incapable of falling in love.

You should know that it is false as the INTJ female can indeed fall in love. If you’re lucky and she likes you well enough, you’ll get to see her romantic side.

There’s a lot to the INTJ girlfriend than what meets the eye. INTJs are very supportive people and can turn out to be the best partners. All they need is the right person by their side. Finding the right partner, however, can be difficult for them.

The INTJ female is very introverted. She has a strong sense of logic and judgement. She’s comfortable creating her own path and isn’t the type that falls for sweet words. It takes a lot to make an INTJ woman fall in love with you. All you need is to be yourself because she hates pretense.

INTJs might not be the bubbliest personality, but when you get to know them, you’ll get to see the fun side of them. If an INTJ female decides to be in a relationship with you, you can completely believe that she loves you or at least, tolerates you enough to be with you.

INTJ females are very loyal and are great at problem solving. One of the challenges of dating an INTJ female is that sometimes, she’ll get lost in her own world. Sometimes even you can’t understand it when she lets you in.

The INTJ girlfriend is a very interesting character because of her personality type. Before they agree to date you, the INTJs must have properly thought things through.

They protect themselves by all means necessary and completely detest any form of disrespect. It’s one of the quickest ways to get them walking out the door.

What To Know About The INTJ Girlfriend

There are so many things you should know about the INTJ girlfriend. They include:

They Are Very Logical

The INTJ girlfriend might probably be the most logical person you’d ever date. INTJs are logical by nature, and this helps them solve problems easily. They don’t let problems weigh them down. Instead, they’ll think of how to solve those problems.

INTJs don’t let their emotions control their decisions even if these emotions are present. If you’re someone dating the INTJ girlfriend, then you should be aware of this, especially if you’re a Feeling type.

The INTJs express their emotions differently. It can come off as stating facts or robotic. This is because they have a hard time expressing their emotions even when they feel something deeply. When they love you, they’ll want you to know how much. However, it gets difficult for them.

The INTJ girlfriend understands the importance of emotions. She knows that in the real world, logic doesn’t always win. A such, she tries to see things from the point of view of others.

INTJs are also very caring and will show you how much they love you. It’s a lot better than expressing these feelings verbally.

The INTJ girlfriend will source out the best ways she feels can be “romantic” to her partner. Sometimes it comes off as cute, other times it could seem confusing. However, she can be a great asset to have by your side.

INTJs are very supportive and great at problem solving. Your INTJ girlfriend will most likely have a way to solve just about any problem you tell her. This is one of the ways she shows her love for you. To the INTJ female, it’s a lot easier than using words. As you can see, words of affirmation isn’t the love language of your INTJ girlfriend.

Does this mean you can’t tell them these words? Not at all. If they love you, they will appreciate your words of affirmation. It will mean a lot to them.

They Are Very Guarded

Getting to know the INTJ female can be a challenge because they tend to push people away. She’s naturally guarded and it can take a long time before she lets someone in.

If you really like an INTJ female, you might even give up after the first try. This is because as you try to get closer, she might panic and withdraw from you. This doesn’t mean that INTJs aren’t capable of opening up to people. They just need time to do this. So, patience is needed when dealing with them.

You might even wonder if you’re wasting your time. However, here’s a secret. If an INTJ female isn’t interested in you, she’ll let you know. INTJs know that leading people on is a terrible thing to do. As such, they’ll come clean about their feelings.

The INTJ girlfriend can easily be misunderstood. However, when you get to know her, a lot of things become clearer. When she finally lets you in, she’ll be honest about what’s going on with her.

The INTJ girlfriend feels nervous when people forcefully try to get to know her. She’ll feel uncomfortable and this might only make her unwilling to open up.

As the partner of an INTJ female, you’ll most likely have access to them. Opening up would not be as difficult as long as you aren’t too demanding. As long as she loves you, she’ll open up to you. Just don’t push it.

Giving the INTJ space is very important for your relationship to thrive because they appreciate it. They would want to have the choice of coming to you. It makes them feel a lot more safe and at ease.

Just because they aren’t very expressive and romantic does not mean INTJs do not possess emotions. In fact they tend to have very strong emotions which makes it even more amazing.

If you’re considering dating an INTJ female, you’ll enjoy the relationship more when you give her some alone time. INTJs do not need to feel the pressure from your expectations and if they do, they would again retreat.

This is why getting to know your INTJ girlfriend is very important. They need someone who understands them and doesn’t make a fuss about things.

They Need Their Space

The INTJ girlfriend is heavily introverted. As such, she’ll need some space. This alone time helps her to function properly or she might just lose it.

It doesn’t matter what society’s definition of a girlfriend should be. The INTJ girlfriend wants what she wants. One of those things includes her need for some alone time and space. This doesn’t mean that she’s mad at you or she doesn’t love you.

INTJs are heavy thinkers and just get lost in their own heads when alone. It’s what charges them up psychologically and emotionally.

What do INTJs do with their time? Anything they want. Their hobbies are usually intellectual based but it varies from one INTJ female to the next.

This doesn’t mean that they have stopped loving you. They need this time to recharge to love you better. Even though they can’t be physically around you at all times, they’ll make efforts to be around you as much as they can.

Just because you’re not physically with them does not mean you’re not on their minds.

The INTJ female is always thinking about the future and she has a lot of ideas and plans. If she loves you, then you’ll definitely be part of these plans. Out of sight is not always out of mind for the INTJ female.

As a partner of the INTJ girlfriend, instead of worrying about this, be more understanding. If there’s one thing an INTJ girlfriend needs, it’s an understanding partner.

They Can Be Very Loyal

If there’s something that stands out about the INTJ, it’s that their loyalty is unmatched.

When it comes to relationships, they may not be the best at expressing how much they love you with words. However, they do so in every other way.

They are very loyal to people that they love and care about. Sometimes this can be their weakness. Once they choose you amongst the crowd, they keep choosing you.

INTJs isn’t the best for shallow flings. They don’t take such things lightly, especially when it involves someone they genuinely love. When they love you, they would shower you with all the support you can get. They are true partners and companions.

Your INTJ girlfriend might not be the best at expressing her feelings with words. However, she’ll find other ways to let you know. INTJs don’t just fall in love with anyone. There has to be a reason why you stand out to them.

They respect their partners and take commitment seriously. This makes them very loyal to their partners. They may not be the quickest to fall in love but they can fall deeply.

When they have all the right reasons to be with you, INTJs go all in. This is why they need a caring and compassionate partner. They are already hard on themselves so they need to feel supported and loved.

INTJs need someone who will be with them at all times.

Who Is the Best Partner for The INTJ Girlfriend?

Your INTJ girlfriend might often be misunderstood. She might be seen as too mean and emotionless. This is because INTJs are very logical and factual. They can say things you’re not ready to hear even when it’s the truth.

They can also be very introverted and this can leave their partners wondering what they did wrong. Sometimes all they need is just some alone time.

The INTJ female tends to withdraw quietly from a situation when she feels unwanted. She doesn’t appreciate invading peoples’ spaces because she wouldn’t want that done to her as well. A good partner of the INTJ girlfriend is someone who understands this completely.

The INTJ girlfriend is also very loyal and would demand loyalty from her partner. INTJs can’t stand not knowing where they fall in someone’s life.

They aren’t clingy but they can be very passionate lovers. They make love with more than just their bodies, but with their words as well.

A good partner of the INTJ girlfriend is someone who understands that they may not use romantic words but will show how much they care through actions.

Anyone who understands all this makes the perfect partner for the INTJ girlfriend.

Aleruchi Kinika
Aleruchi is a photographer, writer, designer and an INTJ female. She enjoys telling stories and delivering messages through words, photographs and designs.

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