A Guide To Understanding Your ISFJ Girlfriend


What are the important things you should know about the ISFJ girlfriend? Knowing what she’s about and how she works is a great way to make your relationship work. Understanding how she functions makes a lot of difference.

The ISFJ female is classified as the most common personality type in women. So, your chances of dating an ISFJ female is pretty high.

The ISFJ female makes decisions based on how she feels. She’s not exactly the type that makes decisions using logic. The “F” stands for Feeling. Thus, they’re very emotional.

It’s no surprise then, that a large percentage of women tend to make their decisions based on feelings instead of logic.

Some people tend to confuse these decision-making skills as intuition. However, more times than not, it isn’t.

How’s this possible? Intuition is information that comes to you from knowledge you already have. Intuition is based on data you’ve processed and not your feelings.

Is the ISFJ man similar? Well only a small percentage of men fit into the ISFJ personality category in general. More women than men tend to be ISFJs.

What You Should Know About the ISFJ Female

Here are a few things you should know about the ISFJ female.

She Will Need Her Space

As you well know, introverted personality types tend to need as much space as they can get. They don’t do very well with crowds. They are also not the life of the party.

This applies to the ISFJ girlfriend. She probably has a few close friends that she hangs out with. Most of these friends are from her place of work. When they go out, it’s not wild or out of the ordinary.

Introverts tend to have a social battery that needs to be recharged often. They avoid parties as much as they can. ISFJs tend to prefer more close companionship with people they feel comfortable with.

It gives them a sense of belonging knowing a few people instead of the entire world. This way, ISFJs know everyone coming into their lives. Your ISFJ girlfriend can have a better and deeper connection this way.

ISFJs are great listeners who care about the people in their lives.

A partner of the ISFJ girlfriend needs to understand that she needs some alone time once in a while. This helps her function a lot better.

All introverted personalities tend to show this characteristic. However, this does not mean that they love you less.

It is usually best to understand the need for this or watch them break down right in front of you.

She Is Loyal

The ISFJ girlfriend is a loyal person who will defend you and stand by your side. No matter the situation, you can be sure that she will defend your honor.

She does this for her friends and family as well. ISFJs are extremely loyal persons. If you want to date an ISFJ female, try not to take advantage of her.

Your ISFJ girlfriend will expect the same level of loyalty and commitment from you.

ISFJs try to protect and nurture their relationships. They value lifelong relationship with people they truly love. An ISFJ female is willing to swear her loyalty to you as long as you’ll do the same.

She takes relationships seriously and sometimes a little too far. Far enough to hurt herself sometimes.

If you’re in a relationship with an ISFJ girlfriend, you will never need to doubt her intentions. She’ll be with you in both the good and bad times.

She’ll comfort you when you need to be comforted. You can also expect her to give you practical assistance when you need it most.

As much as the ISFJ female can love someone long term, she can also dislike a person long term as well. She isn’t quick to hold a grudge. However, once she does, it’s over.

ISFJs can hold on to a grudge for life. If you hurt their feelings, they’ll take it personally and might probably never forget it for life.

An ISFJ female can let her feelings take over and this influences her decision making. This can sometimes lead to wrong decisions due to sentiments and her hurt.

She Needs to Know

The ISFJ girlfriend lets her judgement get the best of her sometimes. One characteristic you might have noticed is her desire to know.

ISFJs need closure in order to move on. They can’t stay with unanswered questions. It leaves them restless and uncomfortable. It can even give them sleepless nights.

The ISFJ female believes that there is power in knowing and she absolutely has to know. Once she does, everything makes more sense. If she doesn’t, then she could lose her mind.

She needs to be in a space where things make sense and sometimes, she can accept wrong answers that make sense to her.

To the ISFJ woman, the world doesn’t have to be too complex. It’s either you know or you do not know. Anyone dating her should expect questions and the need for closure when the time comes.

It is even more important to offer it to her without her asking except you appreciate the extra theatrics (do not do this).

The fact that she bases her decisions off her feelings does not help much. So, you have to thread carefully so that you don’t get hurt, embarrassed or shamed.

She might find it very difficult to let go and that’s the last thing you want. Understanding that she can be a tough nut to crack should guide you when dealing with her.

She Is Not Good With Confrontations

It was mentioned earlier how much the ISFJ girlfriend needs closure. But the catch is, she’s not the best at confrontations or arguments.

She avoids confrontations as much as possible because it makes her feel uncomfortable.

ISFJs clamor for peace and harmony. Your ISFJ girlfriend can be very traditional and wouldn’t want to be in any fight.

Sometimes she can pretend to agree with a person to avoid further confrontation.

Another thing you should know about your girlfriend is that she finds it difficult to say no. This is because she doesn’t want to hurt your feelings. That’s how emotional she can be.

As a partner, it is important to assure her that you’re not going to be mad or sad if she says no.

Encourage her to take care of herself too and do things she enjoys. Do not take advantage of this part of her because it never really ends well.

She Is Traditional and Not the Best in Academics

This doesn’t make her dumb. She may not be the best at academics, but she’s very practical and will outshine the smartest of people.

She shines brightly when it comes to arts and craft and she knows how to use her hands. Your ISFJ girlfriend can be great at cooking, baking, gardening, and so much more.

Do not underestimate her intelligence. ISFJs tend to make great designers, chefs and artists. However, they may find the process of academia completely exhausting.

They are also very traditional and prefer doing things the same way.

Your ISFJ girlfriend is the one to call if you need something done in a tactical manner. ISFJs make great companions to leaders for this reason.

They are also great with kids and make good leaders in organizations or committees concerning children.

ISFJs are monogamous persons. They give their all in relationships. If that’s what you’re looking for in a relationship then the ISFJ girlfriend is the one for you.

She’s the kind of partner who cares deeply for people around her in ways a lot of people miss.

Her family means everything to her and she’ll try to keep them together and make them happy as much as she can.

She Is Reliable And Trust Worthy

The ISFJ girlfriend is very reliable and trustworthy as a partner and as a friend. When she tells you something, you can believe her.

When she said she will carry out an action, you can be sure she will. There is no room for excuses in her books and she loves taking care of the people around her.

She is one who hardly lets people down. When you need someone to listen to you or when you need a shoulder to cry on, you can always count on her.

Who Is the Best Partner for The ISFJ Girlfriend?

The best partner for the ISFJ girlfriend is one who cares about her deeply and is willing to understand her.

She needs a partner who understands that she is very soft and has a calm personality.

She appreciates it when she feels seen and understood. Showing her you appreciate all she does and being loyal to her is a great way to strengthen your relationship.

It is also important to not take advantage of her. Breaking her trust will affect your relationship.

When she walks out the door, that’s the end.

Aleruchi Kinika
Aleruchi is a photographer, writer, designer and an INTJ female. She enjoys telling stories and delivering messages through words, photographs and designs.

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