INFJ Memes- 45 Of The Very Best


Do you want to see the coolest INFJ memes? You will.

But first, what are INFJs?

INFJs are the idealists or advocates of the MBTI type. They value perfection and are very easy-going, but they’re also easily misunderstood.

INFJs are sensitive to the needs of others but can get too sensitive. They are very reserved and quiet people, which also makes them shut out people that care about them. They are also quite creative and analytical.

Here are 45 INFJ memes that you’d absolutely love and relate to

45 Relatable INFJ Memes

1. INFJs Barely Open Up

INFJs are very quiet and reserved, which makes it difficult for people to understand them.

But when they finally open up, you’d be surprised at the depth of information they’re hiding in their minds

2. INFJs see everything

INFJs tend to see and notice little things because they are quiet and observant.

They notice things people tend to overlook, especially when it has to do with qualities in people.

3. INFJ memes- Their emotions are all over the place

They crave attention but hate going out. When they see other people having fun, they want that but they won’t leave their house.

They love seeing people in romantic relationships, but their DMs are filled with unanswered messages. Yet they complain.

4. They are their own therapist

INFJs offer the best advice to other people, but no one asks about their welfare because they assume that they are fine since they don’t complain as much.

5. They are mostly right

INFJs are often very good at predicting situations, even when the public verdict says otherwise.

When the public verdict turns out to be correct, they never fail to talk about how they have always been right.

6. INFJs are quick to spot out toxic traits in people

If you want to carefully analyze someone, tell an INFJ to help you.

They are very observant and can spot out tiny toxic traits in people that others overlook.

7. INFJs are often misunderstood

This is why they’re often quiet. They recognize that most people will not understand or misinterpret what they mean.

When they find someone that understands them, they hold them close.

8. They are never calm

INFJs are never calm, whether physically or mentally. They may look calm to you but so many things are running through their heads.

9. They show you their true selves with time

INFJs are used to being misunderstood, so they tend to be reserved and quiet. But once they get comfortable around you, their shades of weirdness pop up.

10. They take solace in their fellow INFJs

When an INFJ who is aware of their personality type meets another INFJ who is aware of theirs, they can stay up all night talking about the problems they face that no one else notices.

They also bond very quickly.

11. They can take the heat

INFJs can take whatever rubbish attitude or bad manners that you bring.

Just be there with a fire extinguisher because you may not be able to handle their response bare-handed.

12. Their reserved nature pushes people away

They hide their emotions and feelings very well, so they push people away, especially those that genuinely care about them.

Then, they start feeling lonely and blame themselves.

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13. They are good at switching characters

Don’t be surprised that different people have different views about an INFJ.

Some of them may tell you that he/she is the most reserved person they’ve ever met. Others will say that the person is extremely noisy.

14. They don’t let go of arguments without a fight

If it’s a topic or concept that an INFJ is really interested in, they won’t let go of an argument on that topic without a fight, especially if they believe that they’re right.

15. INFJs believe that they’re not normal

This doesn’t mean that they are disillusioned. It just means that they have lots of unpopular opinions and ideas that people don’t agree with, and they’re comfortable with that.

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16. INFJs are very mysterious

INFJs are very mysterious people. You can’t really decipher what they’re thinking about in a particular moment.

17. They absorb other people’s feelings

When their friends are heartbroken, depressed, or having a mental breakdown, they’re always ready to help even when their mental state is in shambles.

18. They can be soft-natured and cold-hearted at the same time

INFJs can be the sweetest people you’ve ever met, but their “other” sides can be quite ruthless.

When you trigger that part of them, you’d be shocked at the results.

19. INFJs don’t fancy social life a lot

Just like most introverts, INFJs don’t have pleasant high school or childhood memories because they barely socialized and only saw themselves through the lenses of their own imaginations.

20. They hate being lonely but do nothing about it

INFJs are pretty lonely.

They stay at home all day admiring people who are having the time of their lives on Instagram but do nothing about it except complaining and feeling sorry for themselves.

21. INFJ Meme- Don’t go to an INFJ’s house without prior notice

Just like most introverts, INFJs have a protected space. They value their privacy. Visiting them unannounced is asking for war.

22. They are sarcastic…. deal with it!

INFJs respond with a lot of sarcasm and it can mean different things.

If you don’t understand them, you will get annoyed all the time or confused about what they really mean.

23. INFJs look unapproachable until you approach them

This set of people won’t exactly welcome you with smiles and giggles.

But once you have crossed that barrier, you have the best of friends you can ever wish for.

24. INFJs have different personalities

This is why you should know the INFJ for yourself and not depend on other people’s opinions, because you may experience a different side of that person.

25. INFJs hate small talk

Naturally, their social battery is smaller than others. They don’t last long in conversations, except the ones that genuinely pique their interest.

Once it’s small talk, they lose interest and leave.

26. INFJs can spot fakeness ridiculously fast

They are observant and detailed people, so it’s easy for them to spot those who have fake intentions or pretenders.

27. They are always misunderstood

When someone (especially an extrovert) complains about being misunderstood, an INFJ can totally relate.

28. Their social meter runs out easily

The social meter of an INFJ runs out fast. This is why they easily zone out of conversations that people misinterpret as mood swings.

29. They have mastered the act of being unbothered

They don’t care. A typical INFJ doesn’t use emotions when making decisions.

If your attitude is going to cost them peace, they will leave the friendship or the relationship wholeheartedly.

30. Their personality is made up of different layers

People don’t understand INFJs. The more you think you understand them, the less you actually do.

31. Sarcasm and unseriousness is their superpower

INFJs possess tremendous sarcasm underneath their cute and “saintly” demeanor.

32. INFJs are very tolerant

They know that their words can be poisonous, so they keep their mouths shut most of the time

33. INFJs hardly have friends

INFJs hardly have friends because they make themselves look unapproachable or tough.

34. INFJ memes- They spend most of their time alone

They have a protected space that they withdraw to when their short-term social battery runs out. They mostly stay indoors.

35. Everyone believes that they have it all figured out

INFJs are the therapists. They always have the solution to everyone else’s problems, but no one asks about theirs.

They feel they have it all sorted out.

36. INFJs are good at concealing their feelings

They can be feeling like crap right now and still smile with their friends.

37. INFJs and ENTPs are compatible

ENTPs and INFJs share a lot of similarities, so they are compatible with each other in most cases (friendships, romantic relationships, marriage, etc)

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38. Don’t take their silence for normalcy

As mentioned earlier, INFJs are pros at hiding their feelings and intentions. They could be thinking of a thousand and one things with an expressionless face.

39. Don’t judge them by their social media lives, either!

In the comfort of their private space, social media can be an outlet where they throw all their imaginations into. But in real life, they’re super quiet.

40. They understand everyone else’s feelings, but not theirs

They proffer the right solutions to everyone else’s problems but are stuck on theirs.

41. You can’t be friends with an INFJ with a weak mindset

INFJs naturally look intimidating and unapproachable, so you need massive self-confidence to buckle up and approach one.

42. It’s not easy to lie to an INFJ and get away with it

If there was something like a human lie detector, an INFJ will be it. They can smell lies and deceit from a mile away because they are very observant.

43. INFJ Memes- They have bad conversation experiences

INFJs are mostly quiet because of low social meters or fear of being misunderstood.

44. Their face tells it all

INFJs are good at concealing their feelings, but one way to detect is to study their faces closely and at intervals. They’d spill the emotions somehow.

45. INFJs don’t live in the present

Just like INFPs, they are good at imagination. They can leave the work they’re supposed to do now and focus on who they wish to become in 10 years.

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