INFJ Female- Here’s What You Can Expect


INFJs are very complex people. They also happen to be the rarest personality type in the world. While this might seem really nice and exciting, it can make them feel isolated and alone. The same can be said of the INFJ female.

If you have an INFJ female as a friend or partner, understanding her might be a tad difficult. This article will discuss everything you can expect from an INFJ female.

How Rare is the INFJ Female?

As you probably already know, the INFJ is the rarest personality in the world. While this is true, this does not also apply to the INFJ female.

They are the second rarest female subtype. The rarest female subtype is the INTJ female. You can click on this link to read an in-depth article about them.

Because of how rare they are, it’s easy for INFJ females to feel isolated or grossly misunderstood.

Strengths of the INFJ Female

1.      Creativity

INFJ females are simply bursting with creativity. They see endless possibilities and ideas and know how to use them to create impressive things.

Because of their creativity, INFJ females can easily fit into creative roles and take on careers that involve a lot of creativity.

This can make them interesting writers, poets, or graphic designers.

2.      Warm

INFJ females have a lot of empathy for others. They are genuinely warm and care about the feelings of others.

INFJs are often regarded as the MBTI type with the highest emotional intelligence. While there are no studies to prove this, it just shows the depth of their emotional capacity.

3.      Strong Values

INFJ females often have very strong values. To them, these values serve as red lines that will not be crossed. While the INFJ female is an introvert, they are ready to stand up for themselves and these values.

This makes it unlikely for an INFJ female to be a people-pleaser. They value their principles and have no issues being different from the crowd.

4.      Analytical

INFJ females approach life with introverted intuition (Ni). This function allows them to see the world in dots of connections.

Thus, INFJ females might be great with predicting outcomes with accuracy. Their analytical mind comes in handy in their workplace or in their general life. This can be a great feeling for an INFJ female.

5.      Independence

INFJ females love their independence. They want to make their decisions and control their lives. While this is not a central theme in their lives, it’s still quite important.

Thus, you can expect resistance from them if their independence is threatened.

6.      The balance between logic and Emotion

While INFJ females are feelers, they also have a good dose of logic in them. This shows in their decision-making.

INFJ females might apply emotions to some decisions and logic to others. This makes them balanced and seemingly the complete package.

That dose of logic makes them the most rational feeler type on the planet.

Weaknesses of the INFJ Female

1.      Too Sensitive

While they can be rational, they are also very sensitive. Their oversensitivity rears its head when they face criticism or when their values are attacked.

When INFJ females face any of these issues, the first instinct is to withdraw into their shells. When this happens, it can take a while for them to get back on their feet.

2.      Stubborn

INFJ females can be quite stubborn. This might be a good or a bad thing depending on the circumstances. However, this can happen when they simply do not want to accept blame or criticism.

It can also happen when they refuse to give up on someone, a project, or a situation.

Their stubbornness might make them seem unreliable and proud. It can also be inspiring and encouraging. It all depends on the circumstances.

3.      Self-Absorbed

INFJ females often face the problem of being self-absorbed. This can make them live in their own little world. It can also make this type look self-centered.

INFJ females need to understand that everyone in the world has issues and problems they are dealing with.

4.      Easily Discouraged

INFJ females can get easily discouraged in the face of challenges and distressing situations. They might feel that the universe is simply against them or things never go their way.

However, the truth is that challenging situations will come our way one way or the other. It’s down to us to overcome these challenges and become stronger.

INFJ Females and Enneagram Types

INFJ females are more likely to be enneagram type 4 than any other type. However, they can also be type 5s and type 9s.

When an INFJ female is a type 4, they might seem more introverted and sensitive. If they are a type 5, they will be more rational and detached.

INFJ 4w5 is the most likely type for INFJs in general.

INFJ Females and Handling Finances

INFJs do not particularly see money as a motivating factor. They prefer to be comfortable and to have just enough for their expenses.

While this is true, INFJs including females are some of the highest spenders. They spend most of it on emotional purchases. Thus, INFJ females are more likely to spend money on things that tickle their fancy or appeal to their creativity.

INFJ Females and Romantic Relationships

INFJ females value authenticity in romantic relationships. They want to feel connected to their partners on a deeper level.

To get to this stage, an INFJ female might rely on several things such as deep conversations. The INFJ female wants their partners to be genuine with them.

If you are dating an INFJ female or planning to, here are some other things you should probably know.

·        Intimacy is Important

To an INFJ female, physical intimacy is crucial. While they absolutely love to talk with their partners, they also see physical intimacy as a way to connect even deeper.

So, if your partner is an INFJ female, don’t hold back from initiating physical touch.

·        Time Alone is Essential

INFJ women are introverts. So, they get their energy back when they spend time alone. So, don’t get pissed when your partner needs some alone time. They simply want to be at their best when they are with you.

So, give your INFJ female some time to herself. She’ll love you even more.

·        Boundaries

INFJ females have a lot of love to give. However, they also have their boundaries and values. Don’t disrespect them.

An INFJ female gives her partner a lot of chances. However, repeatedly violating these boundaries is sure to get you the INFJ door slam.

That’s definitely something you want to avoid.

·        Casual or Committed?

Most INFJ females want to be in a committed relationship. Thus, they go into any relationship looking for a long-time partner.

This does not mean that INFJ women don’t do casual flings. They simply are much more interested in a committed relationship.

INFJ Female and Compatibility

The natural partners of the INFJ female are the ENTP and ENFP males. However, INFJs, in general, are compatible with other MBTI types.

While personality types matter, they should not be the only factor worth considering when entering a relationship.

INFJ females are rare and incredible people. You won’t see a lot of them during your lifetime. So, be grateful if you have one as a partner or friend.

Edward is a freelancer and blogger who is fascinated by psychology and the MBTI. When he's not writing, he's reading and discussing his many scattered ideas.

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