INFJ-A: Here’s What You Can Expect


Empathetic and warm. These are the usual words used to describe INFJs. We certainly agree. INFJ-A is a subtype of INFJs. The other subtype is the INFJ-T. Here’s an interesting article about INFJ-T. you might want to check it out.

Here, the sole focus is on the INFJ-A and what you can expect when dealing with them.

Exploring the Life of an INFJ-A

The A in INFJ-A stands for assertive. Just as the name implies, INFJ-As are bold and assertive. They want to have a dominant seat in their lives and make their own decisions.

INFJs are introverts for sure. However, this subtype will be outspoken and stubborn about their values. Their lives will be strongly guided by them and not anyone else.

INFJ-As are more likely to be type 5s than any other type. INFJ-As can also be type 3s. This makes sense as they are simply more assertive than other INFJs.

While this is true, there are always exceptions to the rule.

Strengths of the INFJ-A

1.      Opinionated

INFJs are unique and have independent opinions. However, the difference is that this type will be more expressive about their opinions.

They will also stick to it if there is an issue. This might make them seem stubborn. However, INFJ-As go hard for what they believe in.

This has several benefits. Being opinionated usually screams purpose or well-defined values. This is needed to navigate life’s harsh waters.

2.      Confident

INFJ-A will appear more confident than other INFJs. Their confidence stems from their belief in themselves and their abilities.

This has several benefits. It definitely means that they are less likely to have a self-confidence crisis. Confidence is often contagious. Thus, people might be more confident in their abilities simply because of their own confidence.

This can open up more opportunities for this type. Their confidence might also make them look like ENFJs.

3.      More Optimistic

It can be hard for INFJs to stay optimistic. This is especially true when they are faced with problems or close friends go through rough patches.

However, INFJ-As are more likely to be hopeful in these situations. They choose to see and hold onto positive beliefs. This allows them to move forward in these situations.

They are also more likely to motivate people who are facing issues instead of just feeling concerned.

4.      More Conscious of other’s Needs

INFJs are notorious for being self-absorbed. They can get caught up in their bubble and lose track of what’s happening around them.

This is true of even assertive INFJs. However, it is to a lesser degree. This personality type will be more conscious of others and the opportunities around them.

This allows them to balance out their self-awareness and the need to remain considerate to others.

5.      Better Execution of Plans

INFJs are known to be extremely creative. While this is true, most of them struggle with implementing their ideas. This is especially true of turbulent INFJs.

With the assertive INFJs, things are much better. They know how to plan, schedule, and implement things. This helps elevate their growth trajectory.

The benefits here are clear for all to see.

Weaknesses of the INFJ-A

1.      More Impulsive

With confidence in yourself and your decisions comes a fundamental flaw. Recklessness. INFJ-As listen less to what people have to say and their opinions. While this might make them more independent, it also means that they make more mistakes.

Impulsiveness and recklessness might soon follow and disaster might be knocking on the door. INFJ-As need to find the balance between confidence and stubbornness.

2.      Less Likely to Learn from Mistakes

INFJ-As are quite stubborn. We already said that. This also translates to their mistakes. Thus, they might struggle to actually make improvements. INFJ-As might see the same things repeat themselves a lot before they decide it’s time to make changes.

Thus, while they might be confident and ready to face obstacles, this singular reason might hold them back from reaching their potential. INFJ-As need to learn to sit back, look at their mistakes and figure out what went wrong.

3.      Poor Financial Management

INFJs are one of the types less motivated by money. However, this does not translate to how money is spent. Money is often spent on emotional wants rather than needs. INFJs would likely buy something aesthetically appealing or something unique.

Most times, these items are expensive. This is often true with assertive INFJs. Add their often-impulsive nature and you have a financial disaster on your hands. However, INFJ type 3 will be more motivated in making money. So they are the exception.

Just like any other personality type, there are several ways to handle financial management differently. You just have to be committed.

INFJ-A and Relationships

Planning on dating an INFJ-A? Here are some things you should know.

·        Well-Defined Boundaries

Assertive INFJs have well-defined boundaries and values. These are things that they expect others to respect. This includes their partners.

If you plan on dating an INFJ-A, then you should try to find out more about their boundaries. You can do this by simply asking them about it or taking notes of what they consider sacred.

Understanding these boundaries will ensure the relationship goes smoothly.

·        INFJ Door Slam

INFJs are notorious for their door slam. However, it’s even more prevalent among the assertive INFJ. If you are dating an INFJ, try not to hurt them. The door slam can happen when the INFJ feels like they are no longer respected or the relationship becomes toxic.

·        Intimacy and Quality Time

Just like all INFJs, INFJ-As love good quality time. This allows them to connect with their partners and learn more about them.

They also like deep conversations. If you want to lose any INFJ, try having casual conversations with them. It just won’t end well.

Intimacy also bodes well with INFJ. They want to be intimate with their partners. To them, this is yet another way to create meaningful connections.

·        INFJ-A and Compatibility

The natural partners of INFJs are the ENTPs and the ENFPs. However, INFJ-A will fare better with a turbulent partner.

You also have to consider other factors here like the enneagram type of the person and background. Choosing a partner is much more than their MBTI type.

Growth Tips for INFJ-A

  • Try to listen to other people sometimes. They can have some wonderful insights into your situation.
  • Sometimes, your ideals or values could be wrong. Be ready to change
  • Try to handle your finances better. It has an amazing effect. Trust me.
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