INFJ 6w5- Here’s What You Should Expect


INFJs are one of the most mysterious types in the MBTI. Once the rarest type of them all, it’s always interesting to talk about them. INFJ 6w5 is on our radar today. Let’s make the best out of it.

What Makes the INFJ 6w5 Different From Other INFJs?

INFJs are the advocates of the MBTI. Seen as sensitive and different, INFJs have a clear and direct impact on the world. They are independent and strive to be authentic wherever they are.

The stereotypical INFJ will normally be type 4 on the enneagram. This complements them perfectly because of their shared quest for self-identity. However, this is where the INFJ 5w6 draws the line.

For INFJ 6w5s, having a clear idea of who they are matters less. Instead, they are more concerned about staying secure or safe. This desire of craving to be safe extends to their loved ones.

Because of this desire, almost everything you know about the INFJ changes. Because they have type 5 as their wing, logic appeals to them more than ever.

INFJ 5w6s will often look and behave like INTJs. Here’s a table that shows the clear differences between the typical INFJ and the INFJ 6w5.

Typical INFJsINFJ 6w5
Usually identify with type 4They identify with type 6
More EmotionalMore logical
More Interested in their quest for self-identityMore interested in being secure
More likely to mismanage their moneyMore likely to be cautious with their spending

Strengths of the INFJ 6w5

1.   Loyalty

Loyalty is the strong suit of type 6. So, it’s not a surprise that INFJ 6w5s have it in abundance. They are especially loyal to their friends and family.

Loyalty to this personality type means genuinely caring about their welfare and health. It also means rendering help when needed.

While INFJ 6w5s will stick to their friends, they will not put themselves in danger just to be of assistance.

2.   Realism

Realism will be evident in all that the INFJ 6w5s do. This is an interesting point because INFJs are generally known to be idealists.

However, because of type 6, this personality type is different. They will be realistic about their goals and chances.

This will help them recover quickly from failures and problems. Because of their realism, they can also foresee trouble in the distance and prepare adequately for it.

3.   Better Handling of their Finances

Money plays an essential role in everyone’s life. INFJ 6w5s are adept at saving or handling their finances. Here’s why.

Type 6 wants to be secure in all aspects. This includes their finances. So, they are less likely to splurge the cash just because they can. This is backed up by their type 5’s need to remain independent.

Thus, INFJ 6w5s are less likely to incur insurmountable debts. Type 6 just won’t let them.

4.   A Better Balance of Logic and Emotions

Because of type 5 and type 6, INFJ 6w5s will be less emotional. Type 6 and type 5 belong to the thinking triad. So, they are more likely to consider any situation objectively.

Thus, INFJ 6w5s will give greater emphasis to logic. While this is true, emotions will still play a greater role. This will be more pronounced in their personal life and relationships.

5.   Good with Emergencies

Type 6 is constantly looking for ways to be safe. This also applies to INFJ 5w6s. So, they are more likely to find loopholes or imagine the worst outcome. This keeps them ever prepared for emergencies.

If the emergency does happen, they are less likely to panic. This makes them the designated driver in these situations.

6.   Less Likely to Make Serious Mistakes

Again, this comes from type 6’s need to be cautious. They are more likely to consider all the options and alternatives before making a decision.

This personality type is also more likely to pick the safest option. Because of these tendencies, there’s a lower chance of making serious mistakes.

Weaknesses of the INFJ 6w5

1.   Anxiety Issues

Anxiety issues plague INFJ 6w5s mainly because of their dominant Enneagram type. This personality type will worry a lot and have a lot of anxious moments.

The source of anxiety might differ according to their individual circumstances. It might also affect the decisions they make.

2.   Fearful

Fear is entrenched in type 5 and type 6. Thus, this personality type will have extremely fearful. While the fear is present, how they react to it might be different.

Type 6 can be counterphobic or just phobic to their fears. So, while some types might run away from their fears, others might attack it because of their fear.

3.   Constant Struggle Between Logic and Emotions

This is the negative part of having an equal footing between logic and emotions. When it comes to major decisions, INFJ 6w5s might face a form of analysis paralysis.

They will genuinely struggle with making a logical or emotional choice. The sad news is that they’ll feel the effects regardless of the decision they make. It’s a heavy burden to carry.

4.   Might Miss Out on Important Opportunities

As earlier stated, INFP 6w5s are very cautious. Their need for caution usually means they are skeptical about new innovations and ideas. At first glance, you might even think they are sensors.

The need to secure and preserve what they have might see them miss out on big opportunities. This can dent their achievements and progress.

INFJ 6w5 in Love/Relationships

Are you dating or thinking of dating an INFJ 6w5? Here are some things you can expect in your relationship.


The skeptical nature of INFP 6w5 extends to their relationship. If you are dating an INFJ 6w5, you might have to deal with some distrust. They might be suspicious of your intentions or your love for them.

If this happens, remind yourself that they simply want to be reassured of your love and affection.

Less Likely to Be Expressive

Because INFJ 6w5 are in the thinking triad, they are generally less expressive about their affections. This can be an issue if their partner’s love language is words of affirmation. Ironically, being expressive is something this type appreciates from their partner.

Because they are still INFJs, their struggle might be reduced.

INFP 6w5 and Love Languages

INFP 6w5s are more likely to have gifts, acts of service, and quality time as their way of showing love. However, words of affirmation are more likely to be their preferred way of receiving love.

If you’re dating an INFJ 6w5, be prepared to be expressive.


If they have a strong wing, they will be detached from people and their surroundings. This can be a big issue if their partner likes quality time.

This is further complicated because of their introverted nature. Their relationship might struggle because of this trait.

Fictional/Anime Characters that are INFJ 6w5

  • Armin Arlert (Shingeki no Kyojin)
  • Naomi Misora (Death note)
  • Yuta Okkotsu (Jujutsu Kaisen)
  • Takashi Mitsuya
  • Louisa May Alcott (Bungnou stray dogs)
  • Aragorn Elessar (Lord of the rings)
  • Edward Cullen (Twilight)
  • Sam Winchester (Supernatural)
  • Esther Coleman (Orphan)
  • Takeda Ittetsu (Haikyuu!!)
  • Courage (Courage the cowardly dog)
  • Dobby (Harry Potter)

Famous/Celebrities that are INFJ 6w5

  • Andre Matos
  • Yui
  • Stephen Fitzpatrick
  • Hozier
  • George Orwell
  • J.R.R Tolkien
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