Am I an INFJ? Undeniable Signs This Could Be You


You’re probably wondering: “Am I an INFJ”? The INFJ is one of the 16 Myers-Briggs personality types (MBTI). Over the years, it has been featured in movies and pop culture. Of course, it’s normal for a lot of people to wonder where they fall under. If you ever took the MBTI test and got an INFJ, but are not quite sure what it is, this article is for you.

The INFJ is considered to be one of the rarest Myers-Briggs personality types. This is because they make less than 2% of the world’s population. As a result, they are hard to come by. Just like every other personality type, INJJs have a nickname. The INFJ is referred to as “The Advocate”. They are known for their emotional intelligence due to their Feeling and Intuitive function.

The MBTI was created in the 1940s by the mother and daughter duo, Isabel Myers and Katherine Briggs. This type indication categorizes people into extroverted or introverted, sensing or intuitive, thinking and feeling, and lastly, judging and perceiving. Individuals psychologically tend to fall into one of these. INFJ stands for Introverted, Intuition, Feeling, and Judging.

Considering their rarity, discovering yourself as an INFJ helps you understand why you do the things you do. MBTIs and Enneagrams help us understand why we perceive the world the way we do and how the world perceives us as well.

There are so many ups and downs with being any personality type. This article is going to explain the signs that show that you might be an INFJ.

Am I An INFJ? Signs You Are

Here are 17 signs that indicate you might be an INFJ.

1. The INFJ Is an Introvert

This might be the very first thing you need to know about the INFJ. Just like every other introvert, they prefer spending time on their own. Social events and activities wear them out and leave them with a social hangover.

The INFJ functions best alone. No matter how much time they spend with other people, they still need their recharge time. This is a period where they engage in their activities without interruption from the rest of the world.

If you find yourself exhausted every time you are out with friends or the idea of large crowds and social groups makes you anxious, the chances of being introverted are higher as this is unlike extroverts.

2. But People Think the INFJ Is Extroverted

Due to their ability to blend with their surroundings, INFJs can come off as extroverted at first, especially around people close to them. It isn’t a surprise for the INFJ to appear outgoing and “fun” at a party. However, they can’t keep this up.

Around people close to them, they can be a little more relaxed, but not as much as extroverted people. The more they go out of their way to blend in, the more they lose their energy. The longer they socialize, the longer time it takes to recharge their social batteries.

The good thing is that people close to the INFJ know what they prefer and how they’d not want to go to the club. Partying two nights in a row is enough to leave them grounded in their house for weeks. The idea of a loud crowd will always be a nightmare and they will opt-out if they could.

3. The INFJ Often Feels Lonely

INFJs often feel alone and out of touch with a lot of people. They can find it difficult to find people like themselves, therefore making them lonely. “Am I an INFJ?” If you ask this question then sit back to ask yourself how lonely you feel most of the time.

One reason for their loneliness is because of their astonishing low numbers, making it hard to connect to very few persons. INFJs often feel this way from their childhood up to their adulthood. It isn’t impossible to come across other INFJs in your life, sometimes you just need to do a little looking.

4. INFJs are Empathetic Beings

The INFJs are feelers and that means they are more in touch with their empathetic side. They can naturally feel when a person is happy or sad by. Their emotional intelligence is very impressive as well.

This isn’t just dependent on their feeling side but also their intuition which makes them appear like know-it-alls. They have a strong sense of intuition which comes into play in so many aspects of their lives.

Their empathetic and emotional nature can make them great and reliable friends. They usually understand why a person acts the way they do, which makes them more forgiving.

5. The INFJ Can Be a Very Genuine Person

The INFJ personality type cares especially when it’s genuine. They live a life true to themselves and also seek out the meaning of everything. They feel the need to understand so many aspects of life.

It may seem like they are good at reading people and canceling people they feel are not to be trusted. If you exhibit these characteristics and practice a lot of self-reflection, chances are you might be an INFJ.

6. The INFJ Seeks Deeper Relationships

INFJs, just like a lot of other introverts, do not care for shallow relationships. They appreciate it when a relationship has more meaning. They appreciate being friends with people who are kind and most importantly, people who understand them.

This means it could take a while for an INFJ to develop a true relationship. This is because they do not want to make a mistake about who they let into their personal space.

7. The INFJ Is Warm and Inviting

INFJs have one superpower, and it’s making everyone around them feel at ease. This makes it easier for people to talk to them and possibly make friends with them. They can be the best person to talk to when you’re feeling sad or happy.

With the INFJ, it’s not uncommon for a lot of people to share as far as their secrets with them. They make you feel right at home and sometimes you may never want to leave.

8. The INFJ Can Be Overly Emotional

Once again l, this can be a result of their Feeling function. Unlike personality types with a more Thinking factor, the INFJ can let their emotions get the best of them sometimes. It influences their decision-making which isn’t always the best.

Using your emotions as the utmost criteria for judgment does absolutely no good most of the time. Although it can help with empathy, it could lead to poor decision making,

9. The INFJ Wants to Help Everyone

There are people you tell your problems to and they just listen. With INFJs, there’s that and the need to help. This is why they are a great shoulder to lean on. This isn’t also a good idea, however, as it can leave them emotionally strained and mentally exhausted.

If you find yourself wanting to fix every problem thrown at you, you might need to take a step back and breathe. You cannot function at maximum capacity if you do not take out time to rest.

10. The INFJ Prefers Quality Over Quantity

It usually doesn’t matter what it’s about but the INFJ would prefer quality over quantity. It doesn’t matter the number of friends they have, or the people who engage in conversations with them. They are more focused on the quality of these relationships.

Although theycan be very emotional most of the time, they do not completely throw logic out the window. They do not appreciate wasting their time on things they don’t see lasting a longer period.

11. The INFJ Sees the Bigger Picture

Unlike most people, INFJs think ahead in all that they do. They have impeccable planning skills and know what they want and how to get it. This can be a plus if they didn’t spend a lot of time in their heads.

The INFJ spends a great deal of time imagining things. This means that they need friends who can keep them grounded.

12. The INFJ Detests Small Talk

One very common characteristic of all introverts is their hatred for small talk. They can’t stand it and they avoid it as much as possible. They only engage in it when they are required to. If you give them a chance to leave, they’ll be the first out the door.

The INFJ isn’t left out in this. Small talk is exhausting and they’ll rather be doing something else. Introverts have come to accept over the years that small talk is necessary and thus cannot avoid it forever. It’s a way to relationships and leads to more meaningful relationships. But do not drag it.

If you find yourself asking “am I an INFJ?” And you relate very well to this, chances are that you might be one. Do you like small talk? And when it happens, are you the one who engages another person or the one who wants it to be over as soon as possible?

13. The INFJ Is a Very Creative Individual

As mentioned above, the INFJ spends a lot of time in their imagination which is common for a lot of creative individuals. The INFJ is known to be a good and gifted writer. Considering they aren’t much talkers, they use their writing to convey their thoughts and experiences.

With their creative nature and minds, it is no surprise that INFJs go on to be very good writers and excel in so many other creative fields. Especially for the arts and culture.

14. The INFJ Can Be People Pleasers

INFJs have a thing for people-pleasing. They do it subconsciously but they do not like the idea of falling short in anything they do. The INFJ wants to be perfect so others think so too. When they receive criticism, it can be difficult.

15. The INFJ Is Good At Putting In The Work

The INFJ puts in time and dedication in all that they do. They always strive for perfection and plan every single detail. The last thing an INFJ needs is for their plans to fall apart. It can completely destabilize them. So if you want something done right, call an INFJ.

16. The INFJ Can Be Deep Thinkers

INFJs are deep thinkers. Some consider them old souls who spend a good amount of time finding the meaning of everything around them, including themselves. They naturally enjoy learning and can do it for the fun of it. Every once in a while, however, it is important to have fun with those around you.

17. The INFJ Door slam

The infamous INFJ door slam is a period when they suddenly cut people out of their lives. Although INFJs can be forgiving, they too have their limits and when a person exceeds these limits, they simply cut them off. This is done to protect themselves.

If you find out this is you, then chances are you might be an INFJ. INFJs might look like they have it all figured out on the outside but they can be very soft and their emotions can run wild. To protect themselves, they proceed to cut people off.


The INFJ is a very rare personality type and they contribute to society as much as every other personality type. Although they have their negatives, it is no denying that they are a very interesting group. They are great companions, friends and so much more. Although they have small circles, those in them mean the world to them.

If you still find yourself questioning this after reading, the best bet would be to take the personality test again. INFJs share a lot of similarities with INTJs except for the thinking factor. Which of these do you most relate to? Let me know in the comments.

Aleruchi Kinika
Aleruchi is a photographer, writer, designer and an INTJ female. She enjoys telling stories and delivering messages through words, photographs and designs.

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